Daisy’s story

First I will start with an update. Today is one week post amputation and I’m doing great. I can still run and jump and play just not as long as I used to be able to. I am healing after all.

My journey as a Tripawd started a little over a year ago a few days before Christmas. I used to live in a rural area where only a few cars would drive by every day. I lived on acreage so my parents let me used to have free reign. Being the tough Golden Retriever that I am, I protect mt family from any potential intruders – cars included. So I was outside digging my holes running and just being Daisy when a car – going way too fast – drove up my road. I went after them to tell them to leave my family alone. Well cars are tougher than me I learned and my back leg was completely shattered and I bruised my lung. My parents decided to put a rod in my leg so I wouldn’t lose it. That was before they knew about this tripwad site and how great my life could be.

Now I’m not sure how many people know how crazy my kind (Golden Retrievers) are – especially one year old retrievers. Well when you have a pin in your leg you have to not move for 6 weeks. I decided I couldn’t do that and my leg re broke. My parents than decided to put another pin in my leg and force me to live in a kennel. After that things seemed to be going better although I never really used it. My parents assumed that because the vet took some bone out of my leg making it shorter that was the reason for my limp. However things began to get worse. I started not using my leg at all. My mommy took me back to the vet.

This time they told me that some of the screws in the pin became lose. So one m0re surgery to remove the pin and back on the road to recovery. I went in that day with my mommy thinking it would all be ok. But I woke up missing my back right leg. It turns out that that my leg wasn’t healed enough to support it without a pin and my knee was fused together. Basically I would never use that leg. My dad than came down and decided it would be right to take it off  (definitely better than the alternative) because my mom would have never been able to be strong enough to actually sign that paper.

My year + is finally coming to an end and I can begin to live my new life as a Tripawd.

Thanks everyone for your support


Just Tired!

So we are on day 4 since my amputation. I had a few days with energy bursts but today all I want to do is sleep and watch hockey. The bruising is getting better I think the ice is helping. I think that means the healing is getting serious which is good the sooner the better. I think all the spoiling I have been getting over the past few days is helping too. It’s amazing all the presents and love you get when you become a Tripawd. If this is what my new life is like than I love it.

And on a positive note – today is the first day my mama hasn’t cried!!! I guess everyday can only get better and better.

I’m going to go back to my couch and have another nap


First Weekend as a Tripawd

So I made my mom start this to talk about everything (my mom has been a little emotional) and not have everyone calling to check in (I’m selfish and want all her attention). Everyone says I will soon forget that I even had 4 legs and the way I used to walk I barely used it anyway. What everyone forgets is that I don’t care what I look like I really only care about how many salmon treat I can have. For me now that the pain from the surgery is dying down, I love it. I don’t have to eat kibble anymore and I can stay in the wedge of Dad’s couch as long as I would like.

Every day is a new adventure starting my life as a tripawd.

I will make sure my mom writes here often.