Barney’s goes Camping

Well we up here in Beautiful BC have been enjoying some record breaking weather and Barney was lucky enough to come camping and enjoy it.

It was Daisy’s new brother Carlos’ first camping trip too! We did discover that Daisy doesn’t like Barney looking at her so he is blind for the time being. I have a feeling he will be going in for some eye surgery very soon!


Check out some of the pictures below. Next weekend we’re off the the Okanagan for some sun. You never know where Barney will pop up!


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Author: daisydogger

Daisy was hit by a car about a year ago and shattered her leg. After numerous surgeries her leg just wasn't healing and it was time to amputate. We are taking each day as it comes and learning a whole new life as a tripawd.

3 thoughts on “Barney’s goes Camping”

  1. Great pictures of a great vacation for Barneymand the dogs! Daisy and Carlos are beautiful pups! ‘Bet they enjoyed the water like crazy!

    Barmey, you’re lookng a little haggard. Sorry they had to pull your eyes out so you’d quit looking at Daisy. A little extreme, don’t ya’ think? Wouldn’t a pair of sunglasses do the trick?

    Daisy, you keep showing Carlos how to be a great dog, okay? You’re the perfect role model for all that’s good and beautiful:-)

    Make everyday a vacation day! Thanks for sharimg the fun pics!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Wowwwee guys, a camping trip is the first for Barney! Did he wear a backpack? Did you make him carry his own kibble? So how did he go blind? Did a bear rip his eyeballs out? Too bad you didn’t throw him into the campfire! But hey there’s always your next trip, right? ;0

    Can’t wait to see his next adventure in the great white north!

    1. I wish we could say it was a bar. Just Daisy and her little brother not liking him.

      We let hi. Get off easy and packed his own stuff. I think the dogs wanted to leave him in the lake.

      We will send more pictures of his adventure this weekend!!!

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