Bye Barney

So as summer come to an end, so does our time with Barney. We have loved having him here! For our last trip we took him up to the Okanagan here in Beautiful British Columbia. He got to swimming with the dogs. Anyone that has a Golden knows you can’t keep them out of the water so they brought Barney with them.

Barney is just recovering from his “laser eye surgery” since Daisy had an issue with his eyes. As Barney is resting and getting ready for his next adventure, check out the pictures of him on his last vacation.

You never know where he is going next…075 070 072 078 067 077 065 068 084 063 118

Barney is here!


imageWell Barney has arrived.

Well here is Barney. He came only 2 weeks after I got a new brother. I like Barney and I like to destroy him more but only when Carlos ( my brother) isn’t watching.

We took Barney to Whistler this weekend to see some Olympic sites. To our surprise we also found the Deloreans from Back to the Future!

We’re going to Go see more of Beautiful British Columbia.

Watch put Barney!